The Bigger, The Better. The more you put yourself out-there, the more fabulous things you'll attract. The more risks you take, the bigger the reward.

Fashion is a risk. You attract attention when you look different, when you stand out. Most of the time, the attention is positive. But sometimes the attention can be negative because unfortunately, jealousy and judgement exist in the world.

Our Fairytale Creators are strong. They can withstand the jealously and judgement from low minded people. They do what they want. They wear what they want, therefore, they manifest whatever it is they want. Grab this tiara today and start attracting the Fairytale Life you desire.

The quality of Fairytale Creators crowns will ASTOUND you.

This breathtaking crown is intricately designed. Decorated with hundreds of crystal rhinestones. This luxury handmade diadem is created with a sturdy, yet pliable metal frame. This crown is designed so you can easily pin it into your hair. (We recommend large bobby pins.) Height: 6cm When you place our crowns on your beautiful head you will be thrilled by their excellence.

Benevolent White Witch Tiara

C$261.80 Regular Price
C$62.00Sale Price

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